Toronto Terror 99′ boys lose to Rise

Toronto Terror drops a hard fought game against Rise AAU 79-53. The game was close most of the way but a difficult 3rd quarter and what seemed like a lid on the basket made it difficult for Terror to stay in the game. Individual scoring wasn’t kept for the game but Cheran Ravindran, Melvin Alexis, and Exavier Hassanali deserve an honourable mention for this game as Cheran and Exavier were both in double digits and Melvin pushed the tempo as always.

Score sheet

Edit note- Coach scored this game afterwards.  The score was actually 75-53 with 2 points added in the 2nd and 3rd quarters for rise.

Point totals
Melvin 5
Exavier 9
Dejaun 0
Cheran 15
Mike 6
Rowaans 0
Andre 0
Christian 0
Dishanti 18

Check out the game below

Don't be shellfish...
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About Toronto Terror

Toronto Terror is a not for profit basketball club geared towards providing a safe and inclusive environment for youth to play basketball