Founded in 2014 Toronto Terror Basketball Association is a non profit aimed at providing youth a safe and inclusive atmosphere to train for and play basketball, congruent with the long term athlete development model and Canada sport for life.

The focus of our organization goes beyond the court. We want youth to develop life skills by learning that the work involved in training is the reward. We recognize that sport is something that youth enjoy and aim to provide an environment where we can foster this enjoyment and teach life skills such as organization, leadership, preparedness and good old fashioned hard work.

While sport is a meritocracy, Toronto Terror will always reward hard work and not natural ability first. Sport like anything else in life is about achieving your own personal best while striving to improve everyday.

While striving to compete at the highest levels possible within the sport we feel as an organization that it is far more important to develop life bonds that are based on inclusiveness and trust formed from believing in the concept of team.

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