Game On Toronto

Toronto Terror has made an application to receive funding to grow its participation through a house league, basketball camps, a rep program, and an AAU program. We need your help though! Please click here to watch our video and more importantly VOTE ONCE A DAY EVERYDAY FROM OCTOBER 22, TO NOVEMBER 5TH.  

This funding will go a long way to increase our participation and help offset costs such as referee fees, volunteer screening and training, coach training, equipment, and leasing of space.  By helping to ensure our long term status as an organization we can better focus on continually improving our experience for youth.

Our mission at Toronto Terror is to provide a safe and inclusive space for youth to develop life skills through while playing basketball.  We will better be able to help at risk youth as well as bring youth from different neighborhoods together.

’99 team announced

1999 boys team

Toronto Terror is please to announce the line up of the ’99 boys team for the 2014/2015 Rep season. Thanks to those that expressed an interest.

Below is the team

Christian Edward
Melvin Alexis
Dejaun Babb
Michael George
Dishanti Dillon
Exavier Hassanali
Andre Persaud
Emmanuel Nofuente-Loblack
Roowens Marcelin
Marc Thompson
Cheran Ravindran

Check out a video from the tryouts of some of the drills